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Indy Wrestler Blows Moonsault, Lands Directly On Head

This blown spot went down Sept. 30 at a Beyond Wrestling show in Rhode Island, but we only just saw the video-and shit, that is horrifying. Atlanta-based wrestler Charade attempted a top-rope moonsault, only to over-rotate and land directly on the top of his head. The instant silence from the announcer and crowd is perhaps the most unsettling thing of all.

Charade never lost consciousness, even kicking out of a pin as his opponent Black Baron tried to bring the match to an end.

Charade suffered a fractured skull, which counts as being remarkably uninjured compared to what could have happened. But those hospital bills aren't cheap-Beyond Wrestling is holding a fundraiser dinner and show this Sunday in Bridgewater, Mass., so if you're around, it's a good cause.


[via Bob's Blitz]

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