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Infographic: Which MLB Team Has The Most Expensive Beer, Per Ounce?

We've given plenty of grief to the Yankees for their misleading advertising, but new data from the Team Marketing Report—which tracks sports attendance costs for its annual fan index—show that Boston has the most expensive beer at $0.60 an ounce, followed by St. Louis, Toronto, and Washington. The Angels, Diamondbacks, and Rangers round out the bottom of the list, with beers that cost about half what you can get in Fenway.


To put this in perspective, a 12-ounce Red Sox beer would put you back $7.20 ($43.20 for a sixer), while an Angels brew is a near-affordable $3.36 ($20.16 for six). Here's the price per ounce for all 30 teams:

[Update, Sept. 9: Team Marketing Report updated the table with corrected info from the Nationals. They drop from $0.52 per ounce to $0.41.]

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