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Innovative Uses Of Google Text Ads

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Like every other human, we occasionally do google searches of our own name. Imagine our surprise when, this morning, we found this text ad.

Now that's one way to get attention! The site is Bleacher Seats, and it appears to have just taken the Drudge Report template. But whatever! We contacted the site's proprietor to find out when he got the idea, and congratulate him on it working. (Obviously.)

He just wrote us back an hour ago. Here's his email:

Tim Tagaris is my name. I hope it doesn't detract, but I have run internet operations for major political campaigns the past few years of my life — some of the more successful (losing) ones, actually. It's the Cub fan in me that picks the long shots.


I started this site for fun. I did it mostly cause I want to jump from politics into sports at some point, and it allowed me a fun outlet to involve myself in sports.

I did the ad just the other night, but I won't tell anyone that you were googling yourself less than three days after placement =)

It cost about 13 cents per click — nothing to place them. I also bought the ad under AJ's name as well. Although I put a cap of $4 a day on it in case you found out, posted it and thousands of people started hitting me for 8 cents a pop (would rather avoid that charge).

Today alone, 34 people have googled you or AJ, and three have clicked. Actually, give 'em a hard time: 22 people have googled you today, 9 AJ, and 3 Rick.


Anyway, glad you noticed.

Yeah, suck on that, AJ and Rick! And congratulations, Bleacher Seats: We hope it was money well spent.

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