Insane High School Football Game Ends With Squib Kick TD Return

The video doesn't have the dramatic buildup of Plano East-John Tyler, but this Texas high school football game between A&M Consolidated and Copperas Cove had a ridiculous conclusion.


In the last 3:39 of the game, both teams combined for 44 points. Copperas Cove's quarterback Manny Harris broke a school record held by Robert Griffin III—most passing yards in a game (293)—and his team lost, even though Harris completed 34 of 51 passes for 516 yards and four touchdowns. Neither of those are the best parts of this game, though.

The instant-classic finale happened as time expired. Copperas Cove had taken a 41-38 lead on a field goal with one second left to play. The team opted for a squib kick to run out the clock, but it didn't succeed. A&M Consolidated used enough reverses and laterals until junior Derrick Dick found an opening and stunned Copperas Cove, 44-41.

The most crushing part of this video is at the beginning, when Copperas Cove's kickoff team does some rowing dance as the kicker pumps them up. They had no idea what was coming.