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Inside The Mind Of Stephen A. Smith

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In what we're sure will be an enjoyable feature on his site, blogger Philadelphia Will Do has started a Psychoanalyzing Stephen A. Smith section, where he looks at each of Smith's Philadelphia Inquirer columns and tries to figure out what makes the man tick.

We think what makes the man tick is caffeine (or reasonable substitute), considering he's writing two columns a week and hosting a daily television show and daily radio show. This week's entry looks at a column that actually, we thought, had a semi-interesting take (for Smith, anyway): Asking whether it's inappropriate for Sheryl Swoopes' coach to be the object of her affections. The column, of course, feels rushed, and PWD points out that some of its basic questions could have been answered by, oh, actually making some phone calls and doing some reporting. But he's a busy man: We understand.


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