Inside The NBA Got A Little Gay-Baity Last Night

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During halftime of last night's Clippers-Suns game, the Inside the NBA crew had some fun at the expense of Charles Barkley, who mentioned during the second quarter that he gets his eyebrows waxed. The segment began with a mocking Shaquille O'Neal getting the same treatment, and it quickly devolved into transparent gay-baiting. Chris Webber put on lip gloss and Kenny Smith dangled his newly manicured fingernails off of his limp wrist. Then came the multiple slow-motion replays of the bit, because men being effeminate is even funnier at half speed!

Sir Charles, to his credit, didn't give a shit. When they cut back to Phoenix to get his reaction, he called out his colleagues for being insecure with their sexuality. He's also one of the few players who has publicly supported gay athletes. If NBA locker rooms are anything like TNT's halftime show, there's still a lot of work to do.