Inside The Yankee Stadium Proposal Prank

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Last week, the kids at College Humor pulled off what we'd have to consider a prank of epic proportions; one guy put a fake marriage proposal on the big screen at Yankee Stadium as his friend, the object of the prank, sat agape with his girlfriend, who, amazingly, said "yes" before he had a chance to alert her to the joke. When we first watched it, it seemed too over-the-top to be real. But we've spoken with Amir Blumenfeld, the architect of the prank, and we now can merely salute him. (We think.) Watch the video, and then our interview with Amir is after the jump.

What game did you do this at?

Mariners at Yankees last Wednesday. The game where A-Rod hit two home runs in the seventh inning. Streeter would have seen a great ending!

Explain how the pranks progressed to this point of insanity.

It's hard to say... I think the biggest jump actually occurred from the first prank, where Streeter makes me listen to a sex tape of his, to the second prank, where I set him up on a fake date. Since then it's just been about finding a way to top the last one. I try to make sure the next one is either more embarrassing, on a grander scale, or in this case... BOTH!


That slap was what made us think it might have been faked. Slapping seems like something that only happens on Dynasty. We've seen the other pranks, so we know how it has escalated. But we have to ask: It's all definitely real, right?

Yeah, they are real. The funny part about the slap is, I have the raw footage of it from the close angle and I can't imagine why people accuse it of being fake. It was more of an open palm hit to Streeters face, but she actually connects with his neck pretty hard and he has no idea it's coming. It made a great sound.


As for why she did it, right before she swung at him, Streeter said, "I don't wanna fucking marry you!" If you watch the video again you can clearly hear it. It was a moment of great passion, and I was thrilled to catch it from two angles.

How well do you know their relationship? Did you think she'd be handle it OK? How long had they been dating?

Streeter and Sharon have been dating since college, so they've been together for about... three years. They made it through Prank War 2 (Streeter basically attempting to go on a date with another girl), so I'm sure they'll make it through Prank War 6. It's Prank War 8 I'm worried about. Just kidding.

Here's the $64,000 question: Are they still together? Did the guy kick your ass?

Yeah, they're still together. Since the prank, Sharon has been hating Streeter less and less and hating me more and more. But that's understandable; the prank was almost as much on her as it was on Streeter. I kinda felt bad about that.


Would you recommend someone else do this? Can this be topped?

It's funny, every single prank we release people are like "Oh man! This cannot be topped! This is the ultimate! The only way you can top this is if you kill so and so, or plan a fake funeral!" But I have always found a way to top the last one, and Streeter has as well. What makes it exceedingly difficult is that the more we prank each other, the more cautious/paranoid we become. That's why Streeter pranked me in May (Prank War 5), and I had to wait this long to get him back. I also had to wait for the Mariners to come into town, so it worked out particularly well.


After a few months you let your guard down... and then, just like that... you're done.