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Internet Correction: Ice Cube's "Good Day" Was Actually Nov. 30, 1988

When a blogger attempted to identify the exact date rapped about in Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day," using only clues from the song, we were impressed. But a few things didn't add up about the January 20, 1992 date arrived upon. Was the Goodyear Blimp grounded that day? Did it rain in South Central?

Most importantly, Mike B. takes issue with Murk Avenue's assertion that beepers weren't commercially available until the 1990s.

He's fine with all the clues that cut the possibilities down to Nov. 30, 1988; April 4, 1989; Jan. 18, 1991; and Jan. 20, 1992 — but that's where the wheels come off.

He first eliminates the 88/89 dates, saying Cube didn't have a beeper because they weren't available until the 90s... except that in August of 1988, N.W.A. puts out "Straight Outta Compton," on which Cube himself raps about cops "fuckin with me ‘cause I'm a teenager / With a little bit of gold and a pager" — so Cube had himself a beeper, before any of those four dates. So instead of eliminating the 88/89 dates, let's look at the 91/92 dates. First, Cube is famous for being an extremely loyal, one-woman man since the time he started dating Kim — who is his wife to this day! They'd been dating for several years by then, so he wouldn't be describing her as someone he'd been trying to eff since the twelth grade. But beyond that:

Jan. 18, 1991 - NO - Kim is 8 months pregnant with their first child... she was not paging him for weed, booze, and sex that night.

Jan. 20, 1992 - NO - By this date, Cube has moved out of his mom's house (sometime in late 91) and is living with Kim — to whom he was engaged by this date — and their one-year-old son... she was not paging him that night for weed, booze, sex, and then having him drop her off somewhere before he drives home to his mom's place.

All those personal details come from VH1's "Behind the Music: Ice Cube" special, and their timeline is undeniable. The case for deciding between Nov. 30, 1988 and April 4, 1989 is a little murkier, but it comes down to the fact the on Nov. 30, 1988, "Straight Outta Compton" was just starting to move a little bit, where Ice Cube might have know he could be a star but it was still in the 'calm before the storm' period, whereas by April 4th following, N.W.A. was blowing up into national consciousness, and things would've been way too hectic for him to have such a calm, uneventful day.


Check out Mike's Tumblr for a more in-depth look at the greatest question of our time.

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