Introducing The Deadspin Hall Of Fame

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As disconcerting as it might be to consider or even comprehend, our little Hall of Justice here at Deadspin is not yet one year old. We started up the day before the NFL season began last year. We are completely bewildered as to how to feel about our upcoming one-year birthday: It both seems ridiculously quick, and a million years ago.

Anyway, we've decided to commemorate it with the introduction of the Deadspin Hall of Fame. Essentially, starting next week, we will be providing nominees for the inaugural Hall of Fame class, with the inductees being announced — and permanently bronzed — on birthday day, Wednesday, September 6.


So this is where, as always, we turn to you. Next week, you'll be voting on nominees, with 66.6 percent of the vote needed for enshrinement (under 50 percent knocks you off the ballot forever). But now, we hope you will heed our call for nominees. You can either email them to us or discuss them in the comments.

The criteria — like the focus of this site, really — are hazy. We're not necessarily looking for individual posts as nominees; we're thinking more of general memes. For example, our guy Carl Monday could — and presumably, will be — a nominee. As could, say, "You're With Me, Leather." Hell, "burritos" could be. You know, that type of thing: The little in-jokes that keep everyone inexplicably coming back. Of course, you can nominate individual posts too; frankly, you can do whatever the hell you want. We won't be offended or bothered. Far from it.


If you're wanting a memory jog, we suggest checking out all the Week In Review posts since we started here. And we're looking for all comers; we'll start rolling out the nominees next week. And — and we'll get more misty about this later — thank you, of course.