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Introducing The ESPN Accountability Record

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In the wake of Le Anne Schreiber's dead-on column this week, we got to thinking about ESPN's much-ballyhooed Corrections Page. Remember that? How it was going to be a regular documentation of all ESPN mistakes, standing accountable? Well, it hasn't quite turned out that way.


The site itself has been updated once in the last three weeks, and that's just with one mistake, a slip that claimed Bradley University was in Peoria, Ind. rather than Peoria, Ill. And that's it. We're not saying ESPN is inherently prone to errors, but jeez, with all those stations, and all those Web pages, and all those radio stations ... that's the only one? Really? They do know Emmitt Smith still works there, right?

Anyway, we thought maybe we could help them out. Therefore, we heretofore introduce the ESPN Accountability Record, in which we invite all Deadspin readers to email us any error they find on any ESPN radio affiliate, network or Web page. We will run a complete list once a week and put together our own compilation.

(Note: We, as always, encourage you to send us alerts about our own mistakes as well; we hope you were doing that already.)

But yes: The ESPN Accountability Record begins now. The tipline is at Let's see if we can find more than one every three weeks.

And remember: "At ESPN, our reputation and credibility with viewers, readers and listeners are of paramount concern."

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