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This is borderline off topic, but it involves drinking, and hunting, and a talking bear; kind of what we imagine a weekend with Ted Nugent would be like. Did we mention drinking? OK. We now present the Mark Trail Drinking Game. Take a look at this, and see if you're not laughing your hinder off by the second panel. It's not supposed to be funny. It just is.

For those not familiar, Mark Trail is a comic strip in which nothing much ever seems to happen; the star being a soft-spoken, veteran outdoorsman bent on preserving our natural resources — and lulling us into peaceful slumber. But it must be doing something right; Mark Trail has been around since 1946, appears in 175 newspapers and has 23 million readers worldwide. But the artist, Jack Elrod, is either very near-sighted or genuinely thinks that animals can talk. So grab your local comics section, a bottle of your favorite adult beverage, and, each time an animal appears to be saying something, take a shot. You'll be a hopeless drunk by Labor Day.


Another classic Trail after the jump. (hiccup!).

From The Land Of Sky Blue Waters [Tony Isabella Message Board]

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