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Photo: Charlie Neibergall (AP)

Iowa Hawkeyes defensive lineman Brady Reiff was arrested Saturday morning after thinking that a police car was a cab. Yeah right, like campus police would ever help a student who had too much to drink!


Unlike his older brother Riley, a Vikings offensive lineman who was 19 when he was arrested in Iowa City for leading police on a half-naked, 20-minute foot chase, the 22-year-old Brady was of legal age to drink. He was still arrested for a simple misdemeanor of public intoxication anyway, because he was dumb enough to think that the police would ever help a drunk person trying to get home safely instead of arresting them. What a galoot!

Accused of public intoxication, Brady Reiff, 22, a starting defensive tackle for the UI football team, approached a parked UI police cruiser on Iowa Avenue at about 2 a.m. and attempted to open the vehicle’s passenger door, according to UI police.

When Reiff noticed there was a rider sitting in the passenger seat, police said he moved to the back door and attempted to open it.

When asked what he was doing, police said Reiff asked for a ride home. “He thought that was our job,” the police report states.


Ha! Imagine if the job of the police was to help people! What a fuckin’ idiot!

Reiff took a breathalyzer and blew a .204, which would be well over the legal limit if he were driving (he was not driving). Head coach Kirk Ferentz has already determined a punishment for an arrest that, from the information available, didn’t need to be made:

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