Iowa School District Not Satisfied With Current Pussification Of American Students, Wants To Take It Up A Notch

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They want to get rid of running laps as punishment in high school sports. Some scientist nerds say it amounts to corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is currently illegal in Iowa—way to go, guys—but there is a specific exemption in the definition allowing for "reasonable requests or requirements of a student engaged in activities associated with physical education class or extracurricular athletics."

Extra running has long been the punishment of choice for players who step out of line. But Iowa athletic directors and officials contacted by The Des Moines Register on Friday say that times are changing.

"Good common sense would indicate we're past using conditioning and running in a punitive manner," said Mike Dick, Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union executive director.

Mike Dick has some support from the National Association of Sport and Physical Education, a likely communist outfit. They claim that running laps as punishment is nothing but a quick fix that does not discourage the actual behavior it seeks to punish.

"Using negative consequences to alter behavior suppresses the undesirable behavior only while the threat of punishment is present; it doesn't teach self-discipline or address the actual behavior problem."

As usual, this all stems from people freaking out over one rotten egg spoiling things for everyone else. Des Moines Lincoln High School football coach Tom Mihalovich is accused of violating school policies and its anti-bullying stance in disciplining a sophomore football player.

The Des Moines schools' investigation determined that the Lincoln sophomore football player ran at least 20 hill sprints, completed 20 up-down drills, ran two laps around the practice field and did more hill sprints - all in 25 to 30 minutes. The Lincoln athletic trainer said the student was not given a water break.

Yeah, maybe the running isn't the problem. Maybe being Tom Mihalovich is the problem.

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