Jamie Pollard, head left, who directs the athletics programs at Iowa State University, apparently decided today he'd seen enough of this All Players United business, whereby university athletes have shown solidarity for the idea of getting paid for working their asses off. We must point out, as Pollard must've noticed, that the insurrection is being led by a relatively small number of athletes, considering the many students who play sports for big schools. So he ran to the ramparts to rouse the slumbering legions. Twoth Pollard: "Time for silent majority of student-athletes to take a stand, 'pay for play' is a fallacy by those that do not value education."

(And because I also value education, I'm obliged to point out: comma splice.)

He went on to send up a few more choice flares that might seem more like trolling if he weren't so earnestly counting on university athletes to agree with him.

Several people sidled up to agree with Pollard's mini-diatribe (hashtag education!). I didn't notice who appeared to be scholarship athletes taking a stand, but hey, remember, they didn't earn their reputation as a silent majority by saying things. Meanwhile, many other people offered critiques. Here are some of the most piquant. (For context, Pollard's salary in fiscal 2012 was $450,000, according to this Des Moines Register database.)

You can also read the statement the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics released today; Pollard cleared his throat by tweeting it before his denunciations of "pay-for-play," a phrase the statement includes with scare quotes. Its title, "351 Division I Programs — One Voice" seems to echo the All Players United ethos. TL;DR is the athletics directors of this fine country will not stand idly by and watch as people suggest that workers' compensation include some form of cash money, lest we scuttle amateurism as we know it. Hashtag education hashtag millionaires hashtag tone deaf.

Photo credit of Pollard hugging Fred Hoiberg: AP