Bringing you all things North Dakota State, Minnesota and NDSU are seesawing back and forth. NDSU has a 24-21 lead thanks to running back Tyler Roehl hitting the 250-yard mark on just 15 carries. But most of you are watching Iowa State-Oklahoma, Vanderbilt-South Carolina, Cincinnati-Pittsburgh, Indiana-Penn State, And The Nedyssey Continues...

(Oh, and when Pam Ward and Ray Bentley began a discussion about football coaches' mustaches, I received about five concurrent IMs with the same Pam Ward joke. The offending nightmare fuels offset, replay second down.)


An Iowa State student was shown popping his Ellis Hobbs jersey post-Cyclone pick of Sam Bradford. This would not be notable except for violating two rules: it's an Ellis Hobbs Patriots jersey and he's wearing it backwards, which only doubles the douchebaggery. — Signal to Noise

Andre Ware just said "the clock will stop every time they get a first down in college football". As opposed to the times the Indiana/Penn St. game is professional football. — The Huddle

The announcers in the Pitt game are interviewing Tyler Palko over the phone right now, and I must say, I laughed my ass off when he said "Coach Wannstedt is doing a good job." I know he's supposed to say it, but still. — Disgruntled Goat


I don't appreciate all these accusations about Pam Ward. Neither does her boyfriend, Grace Jones. — Tuffy

With Vandy beating the Smelley Cocks 17-0 in the 1st quarter, Spurrier has yanked the Smelley Cock. — mquack44

I'm on my way to my sister's baby shower, which was conveniently scheduled during Tennessee/Alabama. My family will be drenched in orange, and her in-laws will be yelling "Roll Tide!" after every Bama first-down. Me, I'll be wearing Switzerland and checking the firearms at the door. — Rodeo Queen


Go Commies! I mean, uh, Go Commodores, beat those Cocks! I mean, um, shit... — TattooedMess(iah)

You know you're watching the Big 10 Network when they keep advertising products to increase your crop yield. — EPS

When I transferred to the University of Minnesota, one of the things I was excited about was seeing big time college sports. This could very well have been the worst mistake I've ever made. — skollycoddleloo


Dave Witvoet, the Big Ten referee at the Penn State/Indiana game, is a vocal dead ringer for Super Dave Osborne. Seriously, it's freaky. — Yostal

When the camera pans to an upset Nick Saban on the sidelines I imagine he is cursing at a level 3 steps above me. I mean I've been known to throw a few fucks, shits, cunts, and assholes around in my day, but I think he's saying words I've never even heard of. I want to study his methods, and learn from him. — I Heart Poop

So who goes to get the football at Indiana when it gets kicked into the construction zone? — colbypkp678


And as your chaser to this installment of Hugh II, let's all thank Grimey for visual evidence of why some men go to Alabama, never to return:

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