Iowa Wrestler Only Talks About His Mullet After Winning Match

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Iowa 184-pounder Sammy Brooks beat Nebraska’s T.J. Dudley to win the Big Ten Championship Sunday. After his victory, Brooks gave thanks to the big guy up top: his mullet.

Brooks’s postmatch interview was an ode to his humble yet powerful mullet. The wrestler knew that his hair, like his championship, would take patience:

I think these fans just respond really well to a good haircut, so that’s what I was working on coming in here, making sure I had it fluffed and feathered the right way. I think the fans saw my hard work.

I gain trust every time my hair grows a little more, and a little more I trust in myself and my mullet, so it’s a process, you know. You can’t grow a great mullet in a day. You can’t win a Big Ten title in a day.


Words to live by. Watch Brooks hold off Dudley at the end of his match here:

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