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Ironhead Heyward Passes Away

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Craig "Ironhead" Heyward has passed away at the age of 39. He'd been battling a brain tumor for more than seven years, and it finally got the better of him. I think most people will remember him for four things, not necessarily in this order: 1) An outstanding college career at Pitt. 2) A non-quite-as-memorable pro career. 3) Having one of sports all-time greatest nicknames. And 4) The Zest commercial.

Younger Deadspinners might not remember it, but Ironhead's Zest commercial was a true television classic. Ironhead, as his nickname may indicate, had a reputation, of course, as a big, strong, bruising type of fellow. And Zest wanted to sell body wash to men, so they enlisted the help of Heyward, who was brilliant in the spot. He held up the little loofa sponge, and said in a high-pitched, mock-feminine voice, "But Ironhead, what's with this thingy?" Below is one man's attempt to reproduce the commercial, and it's a damn solid effort.


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