Ironman Winner Nearly Loses At Finish Line On Account Of Gloating

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Ironman contestants: in the future, please make sure to cross the finish line before celebrating and pretending to be an airplane. No one will feel bad if you lose in the final stretch because of this, and the person in second place won't always be as forgiving as this guy.

Jérémy Jurkiewicz of France was essentially—keyword is "essentially"—done with the Ironman 70.3 Brazil this past weekend, so he decided to stop short of the finish line for an inexplicable reason. Maybe he didn't think second place was close behind. Who knows? Anyway, Brazil's Igor Amorelli turned the corner, saw what Jurkiewicz was doing, and broke into a full sprint. Somehow, Jurkiewicz noticed at the last second, pushing himself in front of Amorelli and actually winning with a time of 3:52:40.3. (Amorelli finished with a time of 3:52:42.0.)

The hubris of this dude is too much. In what world does Jurkiewicz think nothing will screw him over if he stops short and chills? Just break the tape, then go do whatever you want. He just trekked almost 70.3 miles, but now he feels like pulling up for a quick chat.


Amorelli was too nice. That killer instinct broke through once he saw the opportunity in front of him, but he probably felt bad for Jurkiewicz's pathetic attempt to push him and clinch the victory. Amorelli should have stepped on his throat, though. No one would blame him.



H/t Gordon