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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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You didn't think you were getting away with zero Brett Favre news today did you? My favorite angle of the saga? Favre only wants to play again so he can screw with Ted Thompson.


Rachel Nichols (who is now officially a squatter according to Mississippi law) was reporting yesterday afternoon that former teammates were speculating that The Boy Who Cried Retirement was eager to "stick it" to the Packers GM, because Thompson didn't want to put his franchise in the hands of a 39-year-old quarterback with commitment issues. What a prick, right? So now everyone is running with that theme and even the governor of Minnesota is on board with this complicated revenge plot. Wait until I screw over two other franchises! That'll show Green Bay!

Meanwhile, Favre's agent continues to pretend that none of this is happening. I suppose that technically his client is not currently playing football, but as Drew more eloquently put it they are not fooling anyone. Everyone is kind of sick of the charade of fake retirements and the "Aw shucks, I just want to win a Super Bowl" act. Finding Brad Childress has become harder than pinning down Nemo this week, but Bus Cook couldn't possibly know anything about that.


The funny part is that admitting that his actions were purely cynical and vindictive would actually win Favre some new fans. Spite is an excellent (and popular) motivator. It's fun too!

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