Is EA Sports' NCAA Football Game Making A Comeback? [UPDATES]

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EA Sports has not released an edition of its popular NCAA Football game after litigation between former players and the NCAA led to a $60 million settlement to pay players whose likenesses had been represented in the series. EA’s announcement of the game’s death came in 2013; today, on its Facebook page, emerged a sign of life:

A literal and basic sign of life, but sign of life nevertheless. We haven’t heard anything, and we’re merely speculating about how EA might produce a compliant version of the game (by removing the obvious player representations, perhaps); this might be the company’s hint at an ad airing during tonight’s national championship game announcing NCAA Football’s comeback, too.

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Update (12:07 p.m.): Our former colleague Owen Good says EA is denying a comeback, but they’ve been deceptive in the past:


Update (1:07 p.m.): They continue to throw denials at Owen Good, which suggests to us an ad is definitely airing during tonight’s game.


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