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Is It At All Surprising That Alex Rodriguez Would Befriend Alicia Marie?

Well, look who it is! Welcome to the party, Alicia Marie, who's unfortunately making news because her name is being tossed around as a possible "friend" of Alex Rodriguez. But Alicia is quick to respond to the New York Daily News to defend herself and her "friendship" from such tawdry allegations:

Responding to an e-mail from The News, Marie said Rodriguez frequently visited her Chelsea apartment a few years ago to lend a sympathetic ear "when I had just gone through a separation and divorce."

"I am well aware that people will assume the absolute worst here, but Alex was, and to this day remains, just a close friend," wrote the 5-foot-10 brunette. "Friends hang out together in each other's apartments!"


Unfortunately, there is some more troubling news buried in this story — Alicia and John Rocker recently broke up, but she told the DN that she "still loves the man New Yorkers love to hate." Aw. It seems like only yesterday that I witnessed the tricep-extending chemistry between these two in person. From the Super Bowl XLI files:

Alicia Marie says that when she and John were walking through Coconut Grove, O.J. Simpson stopped while in the back of his white limo, rolled down the window, and hollered over to John Rocker that he's a fan of his. Brilliant.

Most other people would probably lose their minds from such a creepy encounter with the Juice, but Rocker seemed a little perplexed of how to take the compliment, shrugged, and appeared to accept it for better, worse, and weirdness.

"He's kind of fat now, " Rocker said.

They graciously agreed to take a picture and then Rocker requested that there be no altering with photoshop. "Don't make it so her top's off or that I'm saying "I Hate Black People" or something."


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