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Illustration for article titled Is Joey Barton’s Mustache An Homage To A Hooligan Movie?

Of course, the answer to the headline question is no, it probably isn't. It could equally be an homage to Freddie Mercury, or the one with the mustache out of Hall and Oates [Ed. It's Oates].

But, through The Spoiler's sparkling morning eyes Joey Barton is coming to resemble Gary Oldman's scary estate agent/football hooligan from The Firm—the 1988 version, not to be confused with Nick Love's not-nearly-as-good 2009 remake.


He certainly has the "history of violence" and "growing a mustache" bit covered anyway. If you can think of any other Joey Barton lookie likies, do feel free to let us know in the comments section.

Here's a clip from the movie. And talking of football movies, here's a list of ten of the best.

This post, written by Josh Burt, is republished with permission from The Spoiler. Go there often if you like soccer stuff.

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