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We feel we have to legitimately ask: Is Mark Cuban losing his mind?

We do not ask the question lightly; we have a genuine affection for the lug. But as the NBA Finals slowly slip out of the Mavericks' grip, it's becoming clear Cuban is going off the deep end a bit.


People's Exhibit No. 1: Cuban's blog, which was updated twice in the last 24 hours. The first was a strange musing on corporate crime, or something. The second, though, is betraying some issues. Basically, Cuban justifies his recent "ask me a real fucking question" comment to a reporter. Cuban seems to think the problem was that he cursed, not that he was being a rude jackass. It also contains the follows loony bit.

I mean come on, does it really matter if we say Poo Poo or shit ? Of course not. Unless of course your married and your wife tells you it matters. She doesnt want to be the one who gets phone calls from teachers and other parents getting blamed for all the 3 year olds in the little gym class screaming "Kiss My Ass you Mo Fo"... Me, i couldnt think of anything i would rather see and hear. but thats me.


Honestly? We don't have the foggiest idea of what Cuban is talking about there. But that's not all; Greg Cote of The Miami Herald claims Cuban essentially accused commissioner David Stern of rigging the series the other night.

Cuban then turned to Stern and other NBA officials who were seated at the scorer's table and was overheard to shout venomously in the jubilant din, ``[Bleep] you! [Bleep] you! Your league is rigged!''

Cote emphasized on "Mike and Mike In The Morning" today that he didn't specifically hear Cuban say that, that a team official just overheard him, which is probably good: We're pretty sure Cuban would have woken up with Ron Artest's head in bed this morning.

But anyway: Mark ... relax ...

Cursing [Blog Maverick]
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(UPDATE: Cuban is refuting the "rigged" report.)

(SECOND UPDATE: Cuban has been fined $250,000.)


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