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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

You may have dozed off during Alex Rodriguez's excessively long ESPN interview, but did you catch that part where he accused Sports Illustrated's Selena Roberts of stalking him and his family?

Roberts, of course, is not only the co-author of the SI story that broke the amazing tale of his failed drug test, she is also working on book about A-Rod that is due out this spring. He claims that she has been a bit um ... "unprofessional" in her pursuit of his dirty secrets. In the interview he claimed that she was thrown out of his New York apartment building, kicked off the University of Miami campus by police, and (amazingly) that she tried to break into his house—where his children sleep!—and he has the "paper" to prove it just right here off camera.


Roberts categorically denied all those claims, and explained the incident at his house thusly: "She said the police were called to answer a guard's question about whether the island A-Rod's home is on was public or private property." (Doesn't really seem like something you would call the police for unless things got a little heated, but okay.) Still, it takes pretty tremendous balls to call out someone else's behavior, when you are in the middle of begging the nation for forgiveness. Was he just exaggerating or is he completely bonkers? Or did she really cross a line at some point? If only there was an aggressive national reporter out there willing to do anything to uncover the truth....


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(P.S. I and my computer accept some of the blame for A-Rods excessive redness. I wasn't intentionally trying make him look like the devil. Honest.)

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