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ESPN's been public about its plans to trim down staff during the wintry economic climate and one of the first higher profile casualties might be everyone's favorite Belvedere guzzler, Dana Jacobson.

Jacobson is reportedly in the middle of contract negotiations right now (her contract is up in March) and the word through the ESPN coffee klatch is that those are "not going well" and that "nobody expects her to be back." ESPN, always mum on personnel moves, only had this to say on the record: " We hope and expect her to be back...She does very good work for us..."


I've been told none of the current negotiation squabbling stems from the roast incident, but it has been noted by some ESPN employees that working with Jacobson hasn't been the most pleasant experience since that fateful January night when she offended Charlie Weis, Notre Dame, Jesus, and Press of Atlantic City writer, Scott Cronick. It would be a shame if that one mighty swig could completely alter her career forever.

Look, Dana Jacobson's having some fun [Deadspin]

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