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Well, if you're not too busy waving David Hasselhoff masks like a maniac, you should certainly be intrigued by tonight's NBA Finals Game 3. The Heat obviously have to win, and the game is perhaps as important to Shaquille O'Neal's legacy as it is to Pat Riley and the rest of the Heat. Even Dwyane Wade's got everything on the line tonight; as Free Darko puts it, "this is presumptive NBA royalty coming up bloated and humiliated."

This is all a long way of saying that if the Heat lose tonight, everyone's going to completely stop paying attention unless somebody comes up with a DUI or crashes his motorcycle. It would be difficult not to.


And we'll know pretty quick, we suspect: If Mark Cuban is already blogging at halftime about "the boys looking good" โ€” or, more accurately, "teh boyss loking good" โ€” then this thing's all wrapped up.

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