Is This Little Girl's Life Worth "Getting Back To Normal"?

Skylar Herbert died Sunday of coronavirus. She was 5.
Skylar Herbert died Sunday of coronavirus. She was 5.
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The next time you see maskless droves of people swarming to recently opened beaches in Florida in the name of “essential activities” such as walking, biking, hiking, fishing, running, swimming and surfing...


Or heavily armed wannabe-GI-Joe-freedom-fighter “sportsmen” screaming “Land of the free” outside government buildings in Michigan or Wisconsin or Kentucky or Pennsylvania...

Or team owners or government officials talk about resuming professional sports under a magical sequestering protocol...

Remember Skylar Herbert. She lived in Detroit with her firefighter father and police officer mother.

She died Sunday from coronavirus. She was 5.

This is who is put at risk when people flout social-distancing orders in the name of “American values”. Health-care workers and first responders — who will be forced to treat these selfish dimwits once the inevitable happens and they all come down with the virus — still have to go home at night to their families. Many of them, as is already the case, will get sick and die.

That won’t mean much to the knuckle-draggers who think their “freedom” is more important than the lives and well-being of the rest of us. No, in fact, it shouldn’t be surprising that many of these AR-15-toting heroes are the same people who thought allowing the continued slaughter of our nations’ children was a suitable sacrifice for maintaining a warped protection of their Second Amendment rights.

To them, our Constitution exists to justify their every indulgence, regardless how reckless. Your average fifth grader understands that speech or action that “incite(s) actions that would harm others” isn’t or shouldn’t be protected by the First Amendment. Yet, every hint of reason continues to be framed by the ill-informed and misguided as an infringement to be fought at all costs.


Even a death in your family or mine.

Many of their loved ones will get sick and die, too. And that’s what makes their irrationality so disturbing.


But irrationality seems to be our nation’s new anthem. Political paranoia our new creed. Sure, all of it is being fueled by the raging maniac in the Oval Office, but don’t forget: He was elected by most of these same people, and is nothing more than a manifestation of their self-centered delusion.

This is why every conversation around bringing back sports should be met with acute apprehension. Everyone wants to “get back to normal,” but as these protests are illustrating, that means something radically different to different people.


At some point, the world will have to reopen. And when that happens — and until there is a vaccine — the virus and its dangers will live with us. Possibly for years. But that doesn’t mean we need to be careless. And we certainly shouldn’t have to work harder to overcome the havoc caused by COVID-19 because a minority of mouth breathers think their liberty is more important than our lives.

This seems stupid to even have to say out loud. Yet here we are. A nation in the grips of a global pandemic, divided between those who interpret “America First” as“Me First”, and those who think five year olds shouldn’t die in order to protect our “right” to bear arms. Or go fishing. Or go running at the beach.


What a time to be alive.

The experiment was fun while it lasted.