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Is Trevor Bauer's Terrible New Rap Song A Diss Track Directed At Miguel Montero?

Trevor Bauer is one of the most highly touted pitching prospects in baseball. He is also a terrible, terrible rapper and possibly kind of a dick. When he was traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Cleveland Indians in the offseason, his former teammate and catcher Miguel Montero made some pointed comments about Bauer's headstrong and stubborn nature before wishing Indians catcher Carlos Santana good luck in dealing with Bauer.

And now, it appears that Bauer, who is one half of the truly awful rap group consummate4sight, has bitten back at Montero with a diss track titled "You Don't Know Me." Get a taste of this hot fire:


Just kidding, don't listen to that. It will make you want to punch your computer screen. It's not clear that this song was produced for the specific purpose of sonning Montero, but it does make repeated reference to an unidentified hater who "hides behind a mask to facilitate a task." (Like a catcher's mask! Get it?) The track also includes killer lines like this one:

Knock me down/I'll pop back up like rubber bands/and sting these bees a hell of a lot better than a bumble can

Boom! Sorry Miguel, but I think you just got ethered.

[Waiting For Next Year]


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