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Isiah Thomas Finds New Ways to Offend Fans, Excite Press

Harrison, NY, Police Chief David Hall can't stop himself when he sees a microphone a-comin'. In about a week, the New York Daily News will turn on their own sirens to try to escape him. For now, though, the New York press and Chief Hall can't stop rolling around with each other in an effort to tell everyone just how miserable Isiah Thomas is. Now Chief Hall wants everyone to know that "... it wasn't (Isiah's) daughter (with a taste for Lunestra) - and why they're throwing her under the bus is beyond my ability to understand." Maybe you could ask the bus drivers that keep interviewing you, Chief Hall? No, no, Chief Hall: keep talking. We're all looking at you. Go on.

"These people should learn something from Richard Nixon - it's not the crime, it's the coverup."


Also: it's the crime. The crime's in there somewhere as well. Why don't you go find one, sir? You can leave the aspersions to the New York media. It's covered. They're telling him to "be ashamed, Isiah!", telling us that this is a "new low for a pathetic figure", and that he's an epically sad figure who cannot stop deluding himself into thinking he might still be a functioning member of society with some kind of basketball theme to his contributions despite a record of failure that overwhelms his small successes. Honestly, how unlikely, right? Police chief blasts Isiah Thomas for 'cover-up' in pinning overdose on daughter [NY Daily News] NEW LOW FOR A PATHETIC FIGURE [NY Post] TORMENT BEFORE ISIAH COLLAPSE [NY Post]

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