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Isiah Thomas Is A Cunning Linguist

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Considering all that's going on in the Isiah Thomas harassment trial, we find it difficult to keep up. If we aren't careful, we'll make every post about it. Anyway, here's yesterday's highlights, with more, surely, to come tomorrow.


Mainly, Isiah Thomas, in a deposition aired yesterday, made sure everybody understands what white people can say, and what black people can say.

"I'm sorry to say, I do make a distinction," Thomas said in a videotaped admission viewed by a Manhattan federal jury yesterday. "A white man calling a black female 'bitch,' that is wrong with me. I am not accepting that. That's a problem for me," he said. But asked if he'd have a problem with a black man calling a black woman "bitch," Thomas said, "Not as much."

Also, don't forget this gem, from what Isiah reported told Anucha Browne Standers.

"What the fuck is your job? What are your job responsibilities, you fucking ho?"

Wait ... can we say fucking ho? We're so confused.

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