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When Ghana sent a deaf soccer team to Australia, they neglected to actually send any deaf people. But it's not cheating, because the Aussies' deaf soccer team included only three hearing-impaired players!

Such is the bizarre world of deaf soccer, where virtually the only way to get caught is to stand at attention when they play the national anthems. But here's the really bizarre part: both sides realized the other team was fielding normal, hearing players before the match started — but decided to go ahead with the game anyway because it was a fair fight.


An Australian source confusingly justified it this way:

When Francis Drake, who was a pirate, captured the Spanish Armada and sent it to Britain, he was knighted and he became Sir Francis Drake. The British did not try him; did they?" The Source asked.

No, they did not.

Deaf Soccer Scandal, Aussies Also Cheated [Ghana News Agency]


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