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Isn't This A Goal? It Sure Looks Like A Goal

Soon after the Capitals killed a Penguins power play, at about the 11-minute mark of the third period of today’s Game 2, with the Capitals holding a 3-1 lead, the Penguins scored what sure looked an awful lot like a goal:

The play went to review, and it took a few minutes, but the broadcast eventually produced what appeared to be a definitive angle:

Looks just like a dang goal to me.
Image: Greg Wyshynski (Twitter)

That’s, uhh...that’s a goal, right? Looks like a goal! But after a lengthy replay the referees determined it was, in fact, not a goal, on the basis that they were not able to determine definitively that it was a goal. As a Washington sports fan, I am duty bound to hate the absolute hell out of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and I am certainly thrilled that this was ruled not a goal. But that sure looks like a goal! There is a red line, and there is a puck, and there sure appears to be a strip of white between the two.

Since the final margin was three goals—the Caps scored an empty-netter with six seconds left—I’m going to go ahead and say the non-goal wouldn’t have mattered anyway, ignoring entirely the absolute certainty that the Caps would’ve definitely shit their dicks if they’d had to survive 10 minutes of playoff hockey against the Penguins with just a one-goal lead. Anyway, screw you, Penguins.

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