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Another lady gets paid a hefty sum to talk about sleeping with Tiger. Somebody else who's getting paid handsomely? Elin Nordegren, who is apparently on some kind of "wife salary" paid by Tiger Woods, Inc.

In other Tiger Woods news:

• The Smoking Gun has some of the golf club/hydrant-damaged SUV police shots. Included in their pile is this odd one with John Gribbon's "Get A Grip On Physics" book on the seat. [The Smoking Gun]


• A closer look at the new woman, Kalika Moquin, who is another brown-haired night club type. [Las Vegas Sun]

• Time magazine ponders if Tiger's image will be hurt by all these side-project revelations. Only at Las Vegas nightclubs. Dude can't creep.[]

• And Star magazine joins the tabloid pile-on by releasing a photo of Eldrick kissing a a dumpy-assed fan who attacked him in her underwear on a golf course in 1999. [Star]


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