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You know how crazy that Steelers-Colts game was on Sunday, how it was such an insane rush, exhilarating, exhausting, so exciting that it made you think you were gonna have a heart attack?

Well, for some guy in Pittsburgh, it really did give him a heart attack.

"Bettis fumbled the ball, with about a minute left in the game, and next thing you know, everyone's screaming, 'Call 911! This guy's had a heart attack!'" said Kristy Meade, a bartender at Cupha's in Pittsburgh.


Yep, Terry O'Neill, 49, went into cardiac arrest right after Bettis' fumble and was revived by two fireman who happened to be watching the game in the same bar. Imagine being those two guys. Diehard Steelers fans, watching one of the most amazing playoff games in recent memory, everything coming down to one insane final drive ... and you gotta give some fat dude CPR. We'll just say we wouldn't be surprised if they looked at each other for a moment: "Uh, you go ahead and take this one. No, I insist, really."

O'Neill survived and says the Steelers are "GOING ALL THE WAY!"

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