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It Gets The Feelings Out

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The question has been asked by sports fans for a while now, and it's tough to get a straight answer: Is it all right to cry? Howard Stern's old radio show once ran a montage of celebrities crying in public, and though the sentiments were sincere enough, it was difficult to hear the clips without holding the celebrities up for at least a bit of ridicule. We live in an era of controlled public personas; crying in public is often seen less as a spontaneous display of emotion and more as a breakdown, a loss of the control we require of our respected public figures.

So which side are you on? Do you admire Duke's J.J. Redick and (especially) Gonzaga's Adam Morrison for their outbursts last night? Do you see that as examples of their passion and pride? Or do you think their weeping is a symptom of weakness, a sign of a weak disposition? Do you think they're wimps? Does it tell you more about them than you wanted to know?

We will say this: If Adam Morrison is planning on turning pro and wants to impress the professional scouts ... it will probably wise in the future to find a way to curb the crying while the game is still going on.


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