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It Happened: Brock Lesnar Is Your New UFC Heavyweight Champion

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In only his fourth professional MMA fight, Brock Lesnar defeated UFC legend Randy Couture in a second round TKO. The severely undersized Couture held his own in the first round but got caught by a few nasty blows from Lesnar in the second and when you get caught by a guy of that size, it's over. The fact that Lesnar is the heavyweight champion of the UFC after only four fights perhaps speaks to the status of the industry, but watching a man of his size deftly move and punch with such power is a scary thing. Video of the fight below.Lesnar showed class after defeating the fan favorite Couture who is partly responsible for making the UFC what it is today. Joe Rogan kept referring to Randy as a "hall of famer" so maybe there's a hall for such feats of strength and brutality. Brock proved that he's more than just a ridiculously scary looking mammoth of a physical specimen and showed early that he could be patient and tactical with one of the best to ever enter the Octagon. If this was indeed the highest subscribed to pay-per-view event as many were pointing to, Lesnar's next fight against the winner of UFC 92's Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueiro will surely be a huge draw. Lesnar caught Couture with a blow to the temple in the second and simply pounded his head into the ground repeatedly before the ref stopped it. MMA fans got the fight they wanted and a new, really jacked champion in Brock Lesnar. Full second round via Fandome: Click to view Highlights: Click to view

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