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It Just Keeps Giving

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I'm afraid I gave you only part of the story with the earlier Mike Cooper post. Carl Monday has gotten himself involved again, and where there's Carl Monday, there's more story.

First, it's not just a $150 fine. Cooper isn't allowed to go into public libraries, and he's not allowed to be anywhere where children congregate. He was also sentenced to 30 days in prison, but he'll avoid that if he stays on good behavior for a while.


But, of course, none of that is enough for Carl Monday. Exposing him as a public masturbator isn't enough. Public humiliation isn't enough. Seeing him leave the courtroom as a broken and ashamed man isn't enough. Carl Monday has a big knife, and he can't resist giving it just a few more twists.

I kinda want to fight Carl Monday. I get the feeling that he's not as bothered by the attention that this case has gotten as much as he'd have you believe. My favorite part of this is when he says, "Because of the sensitivity of this story, we asked Cooper's attorney to ask her client to make a brief statement after sentencing." And then he proceeds to treat no one with any sensitivity whatsoever, and just follow Cooper's family out to the parking lot anyway.

Anyway, the video is here, many thanks to Big Daddy Drew and Roy Hobbs.

Video on Demand [WKYC]

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