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It Never Rains Might Rain In Southern California

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The Chiefs take the field tonight with heavy hearts; team owner Lamar Hunt having passed away earlier in the week. I don't know if Lamar gets to control such things wherever he is, but the San Diego forecast calls for high winds and a chance for rain. That probably benefits the Chiefs and their power running game, and it's a shame that no one in the San Diego organization died this week to even out the karmic forces.

The Chiefs beat the Chargers back in Week 7 on a 53-yard Lawrence Tynes field goal with six seconds left on the clock. Larry Johnson bested LaDainian Tomlinson on that day, too, with 132 yards and 2 TDs to Tomlinson's 66 yards and 0 TDs. Since then, Tomlinson has not had a game in which he rushed for fewer than 100 yards or scored fewer than 2 TDs. With a win tonight and an Indianapolis loss tomorrow night, the Chargers can lock up a first-round playoff bye.


So get yourself good and drunk, get away from the holiday shopping crowds, stop calling around and trying to find someone who likes you enough to watch the game with you... settle in with us here. It's what Lamar Hunt would want.

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