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It Sounds Like Cleveland GM Mike Chernoff's Adorable Six-Year-Old Leaked Francisco Lindor Extension Talks

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Cleveland has made a point of getting out in front of free agency to lock down their young talent with early contract extensions—Jason Kipnis three years ago, Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco two years ago, José Ramírez just this week. So it completely stands to reason that they’d be after the same thing with star shortstop and human sunbeam Francisco Lindor, who only just barely lost out on Rookie of the Year in 2015 and followed it up with a sophomore campaign that was just as strong.

It makes sense that they’d be pursuing an extension with Lindor, then, but there hasn’t been much in the way of rumors on the subject. At least until yesterday, when six-year-old Brody Chernoff dropped some hints about plans from his dad, general manager Mike Chernoff.


In a chat with Cleveland radio broadcaster Tom Hamilton during yesterday’s spring training game, Brody spent three and a half minutes being adorably shy and hesitant to elaborate on anything, followed by ten seconds being extremely confident in discussing his father’s plans:

Tom Hamilton: Let me ask you, just between us and all the people listening. Dad had any phone calls lately? Who’s he trying to get? Because he won’t tell us. Can you?

Brody Chernoff: He’s trying to get Lindor to play for seven more years.

[shocked laughter from throughout booth]

It’s at about the 3:40 mark below:

It’s certainly possible that the younger Chernoff misspoke or is misled—earlier in the segment, he said that he was allowed to attend several World Series games but never to stay up past his bedtime, as a reminder that not everything a six-year-old says is going to be completely accurate—but there’s also nothing particularly wild about the team pursuing a seven-year extension with Lindor.

Either way, front office members will probably be a little more cautious about letting their kids go on the radio.

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