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Fourth-division Italian soccer club Grosseto fired youth coach Tommaso Casalini this week after he called 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg a “whore” who “can take a pounding” in a Facebook comment, according to Football Italia.


Here’s a screenshot of Casalini’s comment:


Translation: “This whore! A 16-year-old can take a pounding, she’s at the right age!”

Grosseto immediately removed Casalini from his role as an assistant for the Giovanissimi A, one of the club’s youth teams, saying in a statement that the coach was let go for “not acting in line with the club, who focus on moral values ​​even more than technical values​.”

Casalini later issued an apology to regional sports website Grosseto Sport, where he acknowledged his fuck-up:

I would like to publicly apologize to everyone, starting with Greta Thunberg, for the post I wrote on Facebook last week, containing the phrase: “This whore! A 16-year-old can take a pounding, she’s at the right age.”

It was a post written in a moment of anger against the young Swedish activist, with absolutely the wrong language and with content that I regret. I have never thought or could never really think about those things, especially with regards to a minor.

However, when one makes a mistake, it is right that one takes responsibility for that mistake, so I willingly accept the decision of U.S. Grosseto to remove me from my role as assistant coach of the Giovanissimi A, and I apologize to the club for the obvious embarrassment provoked by my gesture


While Casalini may have typed his way out of the coaching industry, he should have no trouble finding a gig over at Fox News.

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