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It's A General Manager Blood Feud!

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We don't mean to imply that when you're screwed over by Washington Nationals GM Jim Bowden, it might be time to re-evaluate one's career choices, but ...


Well, Reds general manager Wayne Krivsky isn't happy. He claims that, before his infamous Austin Kearns trade last month, that Bowden hid details of reliever Gary Majewski's shoulder injury (he's now on the DL) and then didn't call him back when Krivsky asked him about it. Bowden says he never received a call and that he gave the Reds all the information they needed.

Krivsky, perhaps realizing he made a terrible trade and hoping he can spin it in a "they didn't tell me their guy was hurt!" type of way, is still mad.

"Hopefully, when people are dealing with us, they feel like we're being straight up," Krivsky said. "I want people to feel like they're being dealt with honestly. For me, Wayne Krivsky, credibility is paramount."

Careful, Krivsky: Any more referencing of one's self in the third person like that, Bowden's likely to get pissed off, get shitty drunk and run your ass over with a car. Just watch yourself, that's all we're saying.

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