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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

It's A Wonderful Life Characters, Ranked

1. Mary Bailey

2. Harry Bailey
3. George Bailey
4. Violet Bick
5. The guy on the porch (“Why don’t you kiss her?”)
6. Annie
7. Zuzu
8. Janie
9. Tommy
10. Pete
11. Peter Bailey
12. Ernie the cab driver
13. Bert the cop
14. The silent guy who wheels around Mr. Potter
15. Clarence
16. Mrs. Bailey
17. Mickey, the dude who inexplicably has the key that turns the gym into the pool
18. Freddie, who turns the gym into a pool
19. Joe at the luggage shop
20. Cousin Tilly
21. The voice that I thought was God but is apparently just “Senior Angel”
22. The guy who works at the bridge
23. Nick the bartender
24. Cousin Eustace
25. Joseph
26. “Man Whose Grandfather Planted Tree”
27. Mr. Martini
28. Carter the bank examiner
29. Ruth, Harry’s wife
30. Mrs. Hatch
31. Mr. Gower the pharmacist
32. Mr. Welch, who punches George
33. Ed, who wants his money when there’s a run on the bank
34. Sam Wainwright
35. Mr. Potter
36. Getting hit by a bus
37. Uncle Billy


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