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It's easy to forget, when we're all caught up in the fun of the postseason and what-not, that every moment we find ourselves excited about it is designed primarily — almost solely — on putting more money in owners' pockets. You'd think they wouldn't have to fudge the rules to make more money. But they do.

First, the Yankees: A watchdog group has alleged that the Yankees have been using public funds to buy ridiculous indulgences.

The group Good Jobs New York says the team turned in receipts for the 2005 year to the city for such extravagant items as crystal baseballs, post-season bar tabs, wool baseball caps, and gifts for corporate clients. The group adds that the "privately financed" project of building a new Yankee Stadium is actually costing taxpayers $795 million.


The Yankees deny the story. Meanwhile, Mark Cuban is openly using his Sharesleuth site to make him money on shorted stocks. The New York Times calls this "about as basic an ethical violation as there can be." But at least he — and George Steinbrenner — can dance!

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