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It's Always Sunny In San Francisco, Apparently

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Philadelphia pitcher Brett Myers, everybody's favorite wife flattener, returned to the Phillies yesterday for a game against the Giants in San Francisco. Before the game, he had given a statement apologizing for his actions and saying he was getting counseling. It sounded sincere enough that you would almost believe him, if he weren't the type of guy who punched his wife in the face on a street corner.


Anyway, Myers received a healthy smattering of boos, right? You got 'em, San Francisco, yeah?

Nope. He made it out to the mound without a peep, and even Charlie Manuel, his manager, said he "expected a harsher reaction." Though we guess that's just one more thing Charlie Manuel's wrong about.

But seriously, San Francisco: We grant you the Cheering Bonds thing; he's your superstar, and you've made your peace with the steroids thing. But not booing Brett Myers? What's wrong with you guys? Is anybody awake over there?

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