Kind of a quietly fascinating game tonight on "Monday Night Football:" The Patriots, who keep winning even though no one's particularly impressed by them, travel to face the Vikings, who have attempted to fix their sex boat-related woes by hiring a bald mustached man who appears to have never had sex, let alone been on a boat.

We've actually enjoyed coach Brad Childress' attempts to tweak Bill Belichick and his injury report hijinks by playing coy with his own hurt players, but we're more concerned about the unrelenting Belichick love that will surely be coming from Theismann tonight. (Meanwhile, Kornheiser will make a tiny sex boat joke and then you'll actually be able to hear him biting his tongue.) It won't involve Drew Bledsoe imploding on national television or our Buzzsaw completely a historic collapse, but it should still be fun.


Inspired by some of the fantastic late-night discussions going on during the World Series, we've decided to carry it over during the regular season and invite you to discuss the game in this thread, with win or Jager shots or whatever. So welcome to our Monday Night Football discussion experiment. See if you can imagine what Kornheiser would be saying, had he not forgotten why he was hired.

Childress Tries To Out-Belichick Belichick [The Fanhouse]

(UPDATE: Of course, it appears Belichick has his own problems right now.)