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It's Brett Favre's Last Game In Green Bay! (Totally!)

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A statement we kind of can't believe we're making: Brett Favre might as well go ahead and come back next year. It's no like Aaron Rodgers is all raring to go or anything; the Packers are directionless and boring otherwise, so we might as well watch The Gunslinger Mentality flip shit in the air 16 more times next year. What can it hurt, ya know?

If he does happen to retire this year — right — tonight's Vikings-Packers battle on the Network You Probably Don't Have will be his last game at Lambeau, though it doesn't quite have the vibe of his final game. (Wonder why!)


We'll be in Champaign, watching our Illini hand a check to Idaho State University, but those of you who are around are, as always, invited to hang out around here and discuss the madness of King Gumbel to your heart's content. Remember: The block of cheese goes on your head, not in your pants.

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