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It's Carl Monday Night At The Ballpark

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As you know, we're big fans of minor league baseball, particularly the odd promotions they put together from time-to-time. (We still think our favorite is the time a team gave away free vasectomies on Father's Day.) And a couple of weeks ago, we pointed you to the Dunedin Blue Jays' professional wrestling promotion. Well, now it appears the Blue Jays have decided to put together a promotion around something that's even less credible than professional wrestling: Blogs. Specifically, ours.


It appears the Dunedin Blue Jays, the Class A affiliate for the Toronto Blue Jays, are hosting two Deadspin-related promotions. First, on August 7, it's Carl "Mustache" Monday, in which all fans named Carl — or "any form of "Carl" (including "Karl, Carla, Carlo, Carlos, etc)" — or have any part of their name as a day of the week will get in for $3. Also, fans with a mustache will get in for three bucks as well.

But that's not all, friends: Three days later, August 10, against St. Lucie, it's the "You're With Me Leather Giveaway," in which each player's name will be announced with a Berman-esque nickname over the public address system. We're not sure that gimmick is adding to the public good, but we are nevertheless amused.

For the record, we don't have anything to do with this promotion, though we did agree to provide some T-shirts to give away on YWML night. (We're not getting any cut of the gate receipts or anything like that.)

We're just happy that someone's finally giving Carl Monday the evening of honor he deserves. Hell, we're of half a mind to grow a mustache ourselves for the event.


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