It's Conspiracy Theory Time For Cowboys Fans

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The best part about a sports team you don’t care about massively underachieving is witnessing the accompanying freakout from people who very much do care about the team. The Cowboys looked pitiful in yesterday’s loss to the Chargers, and now a team that was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender coming off a 13-3 season is an uninspiring 5-6. So what gives? Are the Cowboys losing because Dak Prescott has regressed, or because Ezekiel Elliott is missing? Or are they the victims of a conspiracy???

If you are friends with any Cowboys fans, or follow any on Twitter, you may have heard by now that Cowboys’ opponents haven’t been called for holding by the offensive line in quite some time. During yesterday’s game, plenty of fans and even some writers who cover the team were beating this drum:


You know what comes next, right? No sports conspiracy theory is complete without a dedicated fan, who goes by the name PuppyMonkeyGamer, willing to eat the tape and blow the lid off this whole thing:

Are you outraged? Are you convinced that the Cowboys would not have lost their last three games by a combined score of 92-22 if it had not been for these missed holding calls?

Now that you know the truth, you might want to watch your back. There’s no telling how high up this thing goes.