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Photo: Richard W. Rodriguez (AP)

You’ve seen plenty of booming Aaron Judge dingers since the big guy entered the league, but I think you will particularly enjoy this 471-foot yam he mashed last night, in part because it pairs so well with Ryan Ruocco’s call:

The timing on this is just excellent, so much so that it almost makes me think there may have actually been a delay in the broadcast, because Ruocco is hollerin’ before Judge’s swing is even finished. But that sort of sudden exclamation—“J-uUUDGE!” is just the perfect thing to hear when watching a guy that big swing the bat that hard. The rest of the call carries on more or less as it would if Ruocco was narrating a particularly brutal UFC knockout.


I’ll take this over Michael Kay or John Sterling’s self-satisfied catchphrases any day. Everyone should feel free to freak out over a big dinger. It’s fun.

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