It's Early, But The Sports Highlight Of The Day Might Be This Guy's Flying Leap To Take Down A Confederate Flag

It’s been a while since I watched rasslin, but that looks like a textbook Stinger Splash by a counter-protestor to break through the tape and snatch down a Confederate battle flag being waved by members of South Carolina Secessionist Party. The whole thing was caught on live TV, and it’s very satisfying.


The flag-waving lost-causers were protesting a speech the College of Charleston given by Bree Newsome, an activist who scaled a flagpole at the Statehouse and pulled down the Confederate battle flag 10 days after Dylann Roof tried to start a race war by murdering nine black church worshippers in 2015.

The counter-protestors were louder, more numerous, and, you know, just better in every way. They included local Black Lives Matter leader Muhiyidin d’Baha, who crashed through the police tape and tried to wrestle away the flag before police intervened. Here’s another angle:

Police charged d’Baha with disorderly conduct, but his $2,000 bail was quickly raised via crowdfunding. It is as good and as just to tear down Confederate flags as it is to punch Nazis.

Deputy editor | Deadspin